Enjoy All Richland Center Wisconsin & Richland County Have To Offer


Richland County is located directly in the heart of the Driftless area, an area filled natural scenic beauty, Richland County was named for its “Rich Land” and the ability for settlers to grow crops in some of the richest soil in Wisconsin, first settled by trappers along the banks of the Pine River in 1851. Richland Center soon emerged as the county seat a fast growing community with a strong sense of community.

The landscape in the county varies from gently rolling hills, productive farmland, untouched wooded lands, meandering streams, to the large Wisconsin River. The county is known for its excellent hunting and fishing, having a bountiful array of whitetail, turkey, trout and waterfowl.

Richland County is rich in historic charm, offering such historical points of interest as being the birthplace of Frank Lloyd Wright in 1867.

Wrights influence on architecture is strong in the community where in 1815 he retuned to build what is called the AD German Warehouse, with its Mayan influenced design the building is a true asset to the community.


Lending to the strong history is Wisconsins first Auditorium built, offering some of the best natural acoustics, beautiful architecture and is still a thriving part of the community. The theatre was one of the states first locations for political conventions, being the stage for future presidents and entertainers.

Average temperatures in the area are 21 degrees in the winter, 45 in spring and a mild 70 in the summer. Participation averages 3.47 inches per year, 8.01 in the spring and 11 in the summer for a yearly total of 31 inches.

The counties surrounding Richland are very similar in topography, with counties like Grant, Crawford, Vernon and Sauk all in close proximity and all being used mainly for farming and recreation. The area also boasts some of the states highest quality ground water, with statewide efforts to maintain the standards. Underground springs are what feeds the areas rivers and streams.

With ample medical facilities the county has 6 public and 3 parochial schools, rated well above the national average. A 2 year University of Wisconsin campus sits on the edge of Richland Center .